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Thank you for applying to be part of the Fermion Speaker Series team! We are increasing our team size by 3-5 members depending on the candidates that we see. Given the position, you'll face between 3 and 7 hours per week in commitment, with variance in work during certain weeks. Understand that it is a significant time commitment, but we do not require priority at all times. In addition, for the sake of a streamlined work effort, we will lean heavily towards students that are applying from Westlake or nearby areas.

If our team finds your application to be consistent with the attitude that we have, you may be selected for an interview in the future. Also, there's no need to write more than a few sentences for each question. Good luck!
Feel free to contact us at info@fssaustin.com with any questions or concerns.
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We will return with a response as quickly as possible, and hopefully request an interview.
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