Maricopa 12x12 Study Group
Group Inventory - Derived from The AA Group Pamphlet .. where it all begins. p29

Please read each statement carefully and answer honestly
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1. The groups basic purpose is clearly understood. *
2. The group doing more to carrying the message clearly. *
3. The group is attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds with a good cross-section of our community. *
4. New members stick with us, we have low turnover. *
5. We emphasize the importance of sponsorship effectively. *
6. We are careful to preserve the anonymity and confidences of our group members. *
7. We take the time to explain to members the value of keeping up with the chores and other services that are essential to our Twelfth Step efforts *
8. All members are given the opportunity to speak at meetings and to participate in other group activities. *
9. We choose our officers with care and believe holding office is a great responsibility not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest or position of influence. *
10. We are doing all we can to provide an attractive, safe meeting place. *
11. The group does its fair share toward participating in the purpose of our Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service. *
12. The group does bring the A.A. message to the attention of professional in the community, the physicians, clergy, court officials, educators and others who are often the first to see alcoholics in need of help. *
13. The group is fulfilling its responsibilities to the Seventh Tradition. *
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