Admission Form JK-G8 /2024-2025
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Has your child been enrolled in any special program (e.g.Gifted, French Immersion, Special Need, ESL, IEP) Please describe: *
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 Does your child have any medical concerns the school must be aware of, and if any medication is needed to be used during school hours. (allergies,  chronic illnesses, etc) *
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Emergency Contact #2 - Relation to student
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I consent to my child being filmed, interviewed, audio-taped, and or photographed by staff during the school year to be used on our website and or social media.  *
I give Modern Montessori Academy permission to take my child to the neighbourhood playground daily for outside time. Modern Montessori Academy promises to take all safety precautions but cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained at said playground. *
I understand that in order to reserve my child's spot in the Modern Montessori Academy, I must pay
 (E-transfer) the Registration fees once ($400 CAD), supplies fees yearly ($600 CAD), last month of June 2025 ($1300 CAD) =$2300 CAD TO:
 And the monthly tuition in post dated cheques  ($1300 CAD/Month September 2024-May 2025) 

I consent for my child to attend this school; I understand that the school has policies and procedures and that there are expectations and obligations relating to both the school and myself and my child and I agree to abide by them. I understand that the ( $105 CAD ) form fee is non-refundable. In case the School is not able to accept my child due to limited space their name will be added to the following years waiting list, however, if I opt out at any point my child's registration will be cancelled without refund. I confirm that the information given on this form is correct and agree to notify the school staff of any changes therein. I understand that the information given on this admission form is private and confidential and Modern Montessori Academy  will not disclose any information to third parties without the written consent of the Parents/Guardians mentioned above. I have read and accepted the above conditions for my child applying to the Modern Montessori Academy.

I have read and understand the policies above

Please note: The form will only be completed once the payment is made. InshaaAllah you will receive a confirmation email from MMA admin within 48 hours.
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