Music Mentor Application (Instructor)
Music Mentors recruits KU student mentors to teach free instrumental and vocal music lessons to junior high and elementary school students in Lawrence who may not otherwise have the opportunity to take private music lessons.

This program is flexible with student schedules, lessons can be taught through the afternoon or evening any day of the week. Mentors are paired with students based on availability and instrument. Lesson time and location is determined between the parent of the child being mentored and the mentor.

PLEASE DO NOT fill out this application if you do not intend to fully commit yourself to teaching at least one student. If you have any questions, please email us at

We will stop accepting applications on Tuesday, October 6th.
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Thank you for applying. We look forward to working with you!
Please know that upon submitting this application, you are committing yourself to being matched with and teaching private lessons to at least one student. You will receive an email from us in several weeks with your mentee's name and contact information once the matching process is over, so PLEASE LEAVE ROOM IN YOUR SCHEDULE. If you apply and decide you cannot make enough time in your schedule for Music Mentors, email us anytime BEFORE the matching process and your application will be withdrawn. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance throughout this process.
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