The Basileia Project Core Curriculum Application Form 2017-18
The information you provide will be held in confidence by the Basileia pastoral team. It will not be shared with anyone else. It's purpose is simply to help us understand you and your faith journey.
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Age Group
Marital Status
Number of Children (if applicable)
Level of Education / Area of Study
Before you begin, please tell us in a paragraph or two how and when you became a follower of Christ, noting any influences of family, friends, pastors, teachers, books, music, films, experiences and / or events (painful or joyful, small or large) that may have shaped your way toward faith.
1. After reading through the Basileia Project website, what of it's description touches on some of your own concerns, needs and questions at this point in your life of following Christ?
2. Describe your present or past experience in church ministry, formal or otherwise (it doesn’t matter whether or not you've had a stated role or title). What has been fulfilling and enjoyable about that experience? What has been frustrating, disappointing or hurtful?
3. What do you find gives you the most joy or pleasure at this point in your life? (eg. particular people, activities, routines, hobbies, interests, etc.) Also, what do you find most challenging, difficult or 'draining' at this point in your life?
4. Describe briefly your prayer life and spiritual practices at present in a given week or month. Do you have a routine? If so what does it look like? (eg: do you use a prayer book or devotional or reading guide, the Psalms, etc.) What are you satisfied with? Dissatisfied with?
5. Describe your experience of personal Bible reading / study in an average week or month. How do you feel emotionally about your relationship to the Bible? Do you follow a routine or plan? Which books of Scripture are you most drawn to? Why?
6. Describe your experience with a small group or Bible study in which you have participated or are participating now. (eg: helpful, stimulating, painful, boring, etc.?) What was/is its strengths and limitations?
7. Right now do you have a friend or friends with whom you can open your heart and they with you? If so when and how do you normally connect and share with one another?
8. Do you have any friends who may not identify themselves as 'Christian' who consider you a good friend with whom they can share their lives, joys and problems? If so, how often do you see or share with them?
9. Do you enjoy reading or would you rather do something else?
10. What books have you read in the last 2-years (fiction or non-fiction) that you have benefited from and enjoyed?
11. Do you have any favorite authors, Christian or non-Christian?
12. Do you watch films and if so, why do you watch them?
13. If we are not retired, we spend most of our time and days in the workplace. Some Christians may be familiar with the idea of 'integrating one's faith with work.' Have you encountered this idea and if so what does it mean to you in your particular context or career?
14. If you are married, what does your spouse think about your commitment to the Basileia curriculum?
15. We all have different and often competing commitments in our lives. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being high) what do you think is the level of commitment you can make to Basileia’s Curriculum during these 8-9 months, keeping in mind that it will be more than ‘talking heads and taking notes’ in a seminar or classroom, but will require your whole personal engagement (learning, worship, community / friendship, private reflection)
16. If you take part in the Basileia programme, what evenings of the week would suit you best to meet with your small group?
17. Which part of Hong Kong will be most convenient for you to meet in for your small group experiences?
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