Littlerock High School AVID Application for the 2020-2021 School Year
Please fill in completely and submit form by your registration date. Please read and sign the Terms of Agreement for Enrollment in AVID and submit with this application. For more information, please email Ms. Mims at Thank you!
Name of Middle School *
Your Last Name *
Your First Name *
Your Date of Birth *
Your Parent's Name *
Home Phone Number / Email Address *
Are you willing to take AVID all four years in high school? *
Do you and your parents understand that parent participation is an essential part of your success and the success of the program? *
What makes you want to be a part of AVID? What do you feel AVID can do for you? What can you contribute to the other students in the program? *
What are your strengths as a student? What do you need to improve and to become the student you would like to be? *
What are your plans after high school? Do they include college? Why do you want to go to college? *
Give an example from your life of something you have had to work hard for or that challenged you. What did you learn from that experience? *
In AVID you will be expected to study more and take challenging classes. Are you willing to put in the extra work? Explain. *
I agree to enroll in the AVID class for the entire 9th grade academic year. *
I agree to take Honors and advanced placement (AP) classes as required in AVID. *
I agree to keep my binder organized as required by AVID. *
I agree to maintain outstanding or satisfactory citizenship and good attendance in all my classes. *
I agree to participate fully in tutorial groups as required by AVID. *
I agree to participate in field trips, college visitation and other AVID activities. *
I agree to keep my parents fully informed of AVID program activities. *
Please watch the following video and get a glimpse of how the AVID program helps our students.
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