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MISSION: EnRoute is a free online mobile application and a powerful community of changemakers in the new normal. We are creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ to harness the power of small daily activities to make a change.

DESCRIPTION: The app includes several features. The most important one is ‘Make your daily combination’ whereby planning the daily activities allows us to see all the transport options available, buy a ticket on the spot, and of course, get the most environmental combination, tailored to our budget and needs. Next, it helps us to ‘invest’ in sustainability with just one click. We can scan every label on various garments and packages to understand what they make the product of and the sustainability of its producing company.

IMPACT & MOTIVATION: To further motivate people, EnRoute’s incentivization method is represented by giving a point for each established environmental combination, or a product scanned. The users can use the points in the EnRoute-Online Shop users to get free coffee or various discounts.

COLLABORATION: In order to make a change, we need a strong international community. By becoming partners, we merge our passion and help you to establish sustainable programs.
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