Date: Ongoing
Investment: Paypal address steelkitt@hotmail.com
$30. 1-month
$165. 6-months
$300. 1-year

Dear Reiki Friends,

Last year, I performed an experiment. I sent one of my dear clients Reiki daily. During this year, he received tremendous joy and expansion in his life. Much to my amazement, he gave me the gift of $10,000. I was blown away by his generosity. I had to allow my receiving box to expand to receive his gift. His generosity, along with my commitment to sharing Reiki, has inspired me to make this offering available to all.

I would like to send YOU Reiki every single day. I would like to make EVERYDAY REIKI accessible to you and your loved ones. For a dollar a day, you can receive Reiki. You can sign up for 1 month, six-months, or a year.

Reiki is cumulative. The more you receive, the more love, light and joy is available to you. Why not give yourself and your loved ones the gift of the year? (A full year costs less than a dollar per day!)

EVERYDAY REIKI starts on January 1, 2017.

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