Information & Application for: Foundations of Family Leadership: Raising Resilient and Responsible Children.
Welcome! We warmly welcome you to this Family Leadership Center program.

In this class, you will learn powerful alternatives to authoritarian and permissive parenting. In the process, your children will learn skills that will enable them to thrive with responsibility and resilience and you will grow more connected and have more fun in the process. This course will provide you with ideas, strategies and a community to support you as you work with and encourage the children in your life. The tools that you'll gain in this program are doable and often seem simple to initiate, yet the results can be profound. Our ultimate goal is to help you build a respectful relationship with a child that holds everyone accountable and builds responsibility muscles and the tools to maintain your connection long into the future. We ask that you commit, to the best of your ability, to attend each of the sessions because your voice matters and you are an integral part of the learning community.

Your commitment is to give your best effort to:
1. Attend all 8 sessions
2. Arrive on time for each session with an open mind
3. Willingness to engage in the class and practice the ideas to the best of your ability
4. Feedback / written testimonial upon completion of the course

We are committed to providing you with:
1. Robustly researched and proven tools, concepts, and strategies based on Adlerian theory and Individual Psychology for raising resilient and responsible children.
2. Engaging LIVE sessions full of activities to allow you to practice and interact with the content.
3. Skillfully facilitated spaces for honesty and openness.

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