GAVINS Job Application
Please fill in the form below. Depending on the time of season we will process this and contact you regarding the next steps if there is a vacancy otherwise we will hold your details for a bit in case something comes up. Typically we are looking for staff in June / July for the spring season and again in Jan / Feb for the Autumn harvest each year. Thank you.
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1. Contact Information *
Full name:
Phone No.
Email address:
2. Personal Details *
Have you been convicted of an offense in the last 7 years?
If so, what was it?
Hobbies / interests
3. Driver licence details *
Do you hold a current drivers license?
If Yes, what type:
Clear selection
Issue date
Expiry date
State what classes you hold on your license and how long you have had them:
4. Character and Work References *
Please provide details (name, company, email, phone number) of two people we could contact for a work / character reference
5. Passport and Visa (for overseas applicants only)
Do you have a passport valid for six months in excess of your return?
Are you able to apply for a working visa holiday?
When would you be available to start work?
When would you have to return?
6. Living away from home (for overseas applicants only)
Will you have approximately NZD $2,500 to cover set-up costs? (includes a car purchase).
Have you done much travel before?
Would you require GAVINS to arrange shared rental accommodation for you?
Have you lived away from home before?
You will be required to look after yourself (shopping, food prep, pay bills, cleaning etc.) Describe how you think you will be able to manage these things.
Have you lived in a flatting situation before with a group of people?
You will be required to work together with your flat mates to manage the house you will be in. Describe how you think you will be able to cope living and working with the same people?
7. Hours of Work
Are you willing and able to work extended hours during busy periods?
Have you had experience working a night shift?
8. Work Experience
Describe any work experience you have had to date and the tasks it entailed. Include the company name, time worked for this company and a description of main tasks undertaken.
9. Machinery Experience
Using the following descriptions, rate and comment on your experience (where applicable) regarding the tasks listed below;
Clear selection
Tractor Driving
Round baling
    Bale wrapping
    Bale Stacking
Truck Driving
    Bale cartage
    Aggregate cartage
    Silage cartage
    Truck and trailer
Maize silage carting (tractor / trailer)
Maize silage Stacking
Deep cultivation
Reversible mold board
Power harrow
Drilling / seeding
Precision maize planting
Fertiliser spreading
    Excavator (360)
    Grader / bulldozer
Machinery servicing
Workshop - engineering
Workshop - mechanical
Animal handling
Clear selection
Please comment and list the type of equipment used for the tasks you rated above.
10. Personal Statements
What is your main reason for wanting to work for us?
What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses and personal attributes?
Feel free to tell us anything else about yourself (e.g. your goals for the future etc.)
The nature of your work may involve manual handling, exposure to noise and getting in and out of machinery (i.e. tractors, trucks etc). Do you suffer or have you ever suffered from any problem which may impact your ability to undertake this role?
If yes, please provide details
11. Declaration *
I declare that the information I have submitted with this form and in connection with my application for employment at GAVINS Limited is true and correct. I understand that if any false information is given, or material suppressed, I may not be accepted or if I am employed, my employment may be immediately terminated. I understand that if I am offered a job at GAVINS Limited the offer may be subject to me passing a pre-employment drugs test as outlined in the GAVINS company policy. I consent to GAVINS Limited contacting the names and / or companies I have supplied as a reference check. I also consent to GAVINS Limited providing the NZTA with my name, date of birth and licence details for the purpose of a Driver Check.
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