TeenSource Youth Advisory Board Application!
TeenSource.org is a sexual + reproductive health website for California teens. TeenSource includes information about all sexual health topics such as birth control, STDs, healthy relationships, and knowing your rights. TeenSource.org reaches over 600,000 unique visitors and gets over 1,000,000 page views each year. TeenSource includes a weekly text messaging service (The Hookup), a clinic finder, and a free condom finder. TeenSource is for teens, by teens and we are always looking to improve it to ensure that the content is teen-friendly, inclusive, useful, and empowering.

We are looking for 10-15 teens who represent the geographic, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation diversity in California who want to join our NEW Youth Advisory Board to help update, grow, and promote TeenSource to make sure it reflects the interests and needs of California's teens, and promote sexual and reproductive health among their peers! Youth Advisory Board members will follow a private Instagram and be asked to share their thoughts on things that get posted!

-We will pay you $25/month (via a re-loadable gift card) for a total of 10 months
-You have the opportunity to network with peers in the group and mentors who are passionate about sexual and reproductive health
-It looks great on a resume! (TeenSource can help you figure out how to share it on your resume)
-It's a great way to have your voice be heard!

To receive compensation, participants will be expected to:
-Follow our private Instagram account and submit a short bio to be shared with the Youth Advisory Board
-Comment on our Instagram posts at least 5 times a month. You can respond to comments, ask questions, etc! This should take about two hours a month
-Write short blogs for TeenSource, write Hookup tips, or develop social media content if you are interested!
- Participate in YAB discussions

ANY teen living in California who cares about sexual and reproductive health and having their voice be heard is encouraged to apply! This includes, but is not limited to, teens who are LGB, trans, undocumented, or not attending school.

Deadline to apply is August 28, 2019 at 11:59pm.
TeenSource will reach out to potential candidates via phone, email, or Instagram to schedule an interview, so be on the lookout! We look forward to reading your application and thank you for your interest in TeenSource!

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