Elite Sheet--August--Self Respect--Blue Stripe
You are important.
Keep your brain healthy.

If someone entered your home with a pail of garbage and dumped it on your living room floor, there would be problems! You definitely would not appreciate it. In fact, you would be furious. You certainly would not hang out with them. You would probably warn your friends about the guy who dumped garbage on your floor.
Now what do you do to the people who dump garbage into your mind?
How do you respond to those people who come along and tell you the things you can't do? How do you respond to people who say unkind things about you, your community, your country, your family, or your school? Do you hang out with people who dump their negative garbage into your mind?
Perhaps you just grin and say, "That' s alright; their words aren’t really going to hurt me. It doesn't bother me to dump the garbage in my mind."
Think about this: If you allow garbage in, garbage will come out.
The person who dumps garbage into your mind will do considerably more harm than the one who dumps garbage on your floor. Stay clear of people who dump garbage into your mind, because they keep you from thinking positively.
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