Parent Brag Sheet
Your input can be extremely valuable in writing a well-rounded recommendation for your child. Please answer these questions as completely as you can with examples. Thank you for being part of this important process!
Student's Complete Name (last, first MI) *
Who is your child's counselor *
If you had to describe your son/daughter in five adjectives, what would they be? Please share examples of why you chose these adjectives. *
Please share with us an event(s) or anecdotes that characterize or illustrate your child's personality. What would like for us to know about your child? What makes them special? *
Describe the personal growth in your child that you have observed from freshman year to the present. *
What has your child accomplished during high school that is most meaningful? *
Are there any unusual and/or personal circumstances (negative or positive) that have affected your child's academic performance? (Please only share information that you are willing to allow us to reference in our letter of recommendation as a way to better explain your child’s high school experiences). *
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