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We have been working on something exciting lately! The UndocuProfessionals Network Membership is for professionals (in any field in any phase of their career journey) who want to achieve great things, create opportunities, and build successful professional portfolios. Navigating a professional journey is hard, but navigating a professional journey is even more challenging for someone undocumented. The undocumented/DACA/Mixed status journey can be lonely, overwhelming, difficult, and misunderstood; this is why the UndocuProfessionals Network membership will create opportunities to move forward and have support, inspiration, and accountability to help you. It's our safe space for sharing and building community.

Each month you will get access to exclusive content to help you with your personal, career, and educational goals. You will have job opportunities, access to events (at least one workshop per month), build your online professional portfolio, and have a spot in the UndocuProfessionals directory.

You do not have to be alone on your personal, career, and educational journey; we're all here for each other, to support each other, so come and join us.

We're nearly ready to go LIVE with it, and so we would like to invite you to get early access and become a founding member.

What does this mean?

*As a founding member, you will have early access to the UndocuProfessionals Network Membership
*We have a small present that we want to post out to you
*We will have a Zoom meeting to get to know you more, find out what you think about the UndocuProfessionals Network Membership, talk about how we can help you more, and have a Q & A to answer any questions you may have (bring all your questions).

We are very excited for you to be part of the UndocuProfessionals Network and becoming a founding member. Please fill out the form below.


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