CiQlovía 2020 Recharge Station or Virtual Stop Application

The ABQ CiQlovia 2020 Planning Committee is proud to announce the 7th annual CiQlovía celebration City-wide on-line and on-the-ground on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

This year, CiQlovía is envisioned to be an interactive virtual and physical festive event that celebrates the many ways people use our streets, sidewalks, trails and parks to be physically active and strengthen their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s event is presented in collaboration with Presbyterian Community Health, the Healthy Here Initiative, MRCOG, International District Healthy Communities Coalition, Vision Zero, Bike ABQ, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office Community Based Crime Reduction Initiative, and City of Albuquerque, among others.

Between 10:00AM and 1:00PM Streets, sidewalks, trails and parks in Albuquerque will be dedicated to safe, fun, connected walking and biking activities for all ages and abilities.

This is where you can get involved! If you would like to host a recharge station or virtual stop along one of this year’s CiQlovía routes, (TBD- if you have a route in mind let us know!), visit Facebook at ABQ CiQlovía or fill out the free application below!

Please submit this application to by Sept 15th. Application submitted after Aug 30th will be considered on a case by case basis.

You might consider the following tips in submitting an activity.
1. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic social distancing and masks will be required.
2. CiQlovía is a free event open to the public; recharge stations will be provided with a free CiQlovía engagement kit. Kits will contain informational brochures, signs, maps, water, hand sanitizers and free stuff to hand out.
3. Please make sure that community engagement activities include appropriate social distancing with a focus on physical activity and community well-being.
4. Due to Fire Code, no tents allowed. However, canopies without side flaps will be allowed, up to two per recharge station.

If you would like to be a part of CiQlovía, and have any questions, suggestions feel free to reach out to Virginia
Perez- Ortega at or Beatriz Valencia Riano at We are here to inspire and assist!

This application to host a recharge station or virtual stop is open to the public; you do not have to be a
member of a specific organization or affiliated in any way with Presbyterian Community Health in
order to host a recharge station at CiQlovía ABQ 2020.
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