2017-2018 Queen Elizabeth Regional Prom
Event Timing: Friday, May 25, 2018
Event Location: CBS Stadium
Contact us: Phone: 834-2081
Email: allisonstarkes@nlesd.ca or meganking@nlesd.ca
Please fill out the following form to request tickets for the 2018 Queen Elizabeth Senior Prom. Please note, you need at least 22 credits to be eligible to attend.
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You are entitled to four tickets. One for yourself, your guest (if guest is not a graduate) and two parents/guardians. You are allowed two extra tickets for step parents only. If your guest is a graduate you do not need to request a ticket for him/her (total would be three). The minimum number of tickets you can request is two as you must be accompanied by at least one guardian.
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Suggestions/Comments - Do you have any suggestions or comments on how prom can be improved for future grads? i.e. ticket costs, meal, venue etc.
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