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Isha Fest is an annual tribute to Sadhguru's Day of Enlightenment and also World Peace Day.

This year's date is Saturday, September 24. Events will begin at 9am and Closing Ceremonies, Dinner and Dancing will run until 9pm.

We will celebrate with Olympic style competitions in athletic, artistic, and intellectual categories. Whatever level of skill you can bring, come with the joy of involvement! The day will be filled with many activities for all ages and skills.

The General Public, New and Old Friends, and Family are invited to come to Isha Fest to enjoy the day and participate in the events. Please extend this invitation to family and friends.

To make the registration process as easy and simple for everyone, please select the events that you will be a part of.
(Everyone who plans to participates needs to complete this form)

Using this link, each city will be able to quickly see how many from their city center have registered and for what events.
This will help us formulate teams. Encourage others to sign-up - ideally your city should have competitors in as many
categories as possible. Gold, Silver, Bronze medals will be awarded.

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Isha Fest Event Coordinators
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Dodgeball - OPENING EVENT!
You can elect to be inside the circle (this allows to compete for the Gold medal ) or be on the outside and throw the ball at the competitors
Cross Country - Campus Race - 3.5 miles
Race Starts at 10am (Following Dodgeball) at Isha Shoppe Parking Lot
Three-Legged Race, Doubles
1030-11am at Activity Field (Tied at Ankles - Bring a Partner, or we'll find you one!)
Musical Chairs
11-1130 at Activity Field
1130-Noon - 8 persons per team - All Ages - Pure Fun!
Around Mahima (3 times) 1/2 Mile Race
Races will begin at Noon
Water Balloon Toss, Doubles
Will Begin After Mahima Race (approximately 12:30pm)
40 meter Sprint Race
1pm at Activity Field
4 person relay race around Mahima
130pm at Mahima
Volleyball (6 on 6)
Will start tournament at 10am, finals will be 4:30pm
Soccer (4 person)
Will Start Tournament at 1pm, Finals at 4pm
Ping Pong (Singles)
Will Start Tournament at 10am, Finals at 3pm
Foosball (Doubles)
Will Start Tournament at 10am, Finals at 3pm
A simple bow and arrow competition, available for you learn, practice and compete! (all day)
Kayak Race
You paddle through a course and then paddle back. Fastest Time Wins Gold. Kayak Race Event will run all day long.
A Game Similar to Bean Bag Toss - Will take place all day - You can play as often as you want - 10 throws to Get Your Best Score!
Frisbee Toss, Distance and Accuracy
Distance and Accuracy Contests will be next to the Disc Golf Course and Open All Day, after throwing for distance you can then take part in the accuracy part of the contest - and if you think you're real good try a round of Disc Golf
Disc Golf
A disc golf course will be set-up and all through the day you may play and try to get the lowest score.
Rapid Chess (10 minutes allowed each player/game)
Will start Tournament at 10am, Finals at 230pm
Crossword Puzzles
130-2pm in Dining Hall
230-330pm in Dining Hall
2:00-230pm, Everyone will have 15 minutes to build the tallest tower starting with the original Jenga Set-up.
Spelling Bee
Would you like to perform during the festival on the Performance Stage?
We will have a stage set-up for those wishing to share their artistic talents. A schedule will be determined once we have a list of performers. We are looking at having solo and group dances, vocal/instrumental/group/solo music and poetry.
If you would you like to perform during the festival on the Performance Stage, what type of performance are you planning to give?
Your answer
Poetry Slam, Original Piece
1230-130pm, 3-6 minute performance on the Performance Stage
Children (Under 9) "Kiddie Olympics" Multiple Games for the Young Ones
Games include an Obstacle Course Race, Basketball Toss, Long Jump, Kick the Ball and More Games will played all through the day. Awards will be given to each year of age.
Any additional areas that you would like to volunteer?
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