Lead Orchard Volunteer Interest Survey
Do you love community orchards? Want to learn more about ecological orchard care and assist POP partner groups in caring for beautiful, bountiful community spaces? Become a POP Lead Orchard Volunteer! First step is completing the survey below to provide us with more information and see if there is a good match for a community orchard to engage with.

NOTE: We often have more interested volunteers than LOV opportunities available. Please complete this survey if interested, but we can't guarantee everyone an assignment!

Lead Orchard Volunteer Role Description

The primary role of the POP Lead Orchard Volunteer (LOV) is to serve as an ongoing volunteer and first contact for a specific POP orchard partner site and to assist POP staff in working with and supporting the partner group. This role provides opportunities for both more in-depth, long-term involvement with an orchard and for expanding knowledge in orchard care. Lead Orchard Volunteers build skills in orchard care, horticulture, and volunteer coordination while assisting POP staff in providing ongoing support to an expanding number of community orchards across the city. For larger sites or where desired, Lead Orchard Volunteers may work in teams of 2 or 3 to support an orchard.

Work with your local orchard partner site to assist monthly, weekly, or as needed on a seasonal basis to help maintain the community orchard. Please keep in mind each orchard and partner is different, has different needs, and modes of operation! With your orchard’s lead POP Staff and POP Orchard Partner, please explore the assistance that is needed and appropriate to the site, community, its needs and schedule through intentional relationship building.

Expectations of Role:

Participate and help lead in regularly scheduled orchard work days or programs that engage in orchard maintenance of the designated orchard site

If regularly scheduled maintenance does not exist, help site consider a regular maintenance schedule that you can help facilitate (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly)

Through your education and experience, assist orchard partners, volunteers, and other participants to learn together and implement best practices in orchard care

Report monthly to POP via online Orchard Report form.
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We strongly recommend that Lead Orchard Volunteers attend POP's urban orchardist training course, POP CORE. The full four-course session is generally offered in March, and again individually at seasonally appropriate times of the year. Many public programs have been interrupted by the pandemic, but we plan to offer online versions of the workshops in 2021. *
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Are you interested in being considered for our pilot LOV stipend program? We have a limited amount of grant funding to provide Lead Orchard Volunteers with small stipends ($150/season, up to a total of $450/year). This is specifically intended for individuals from the neighborhoods where certain orchards are located. We are happy to provide more info about this pilot program to interested individuals, who would be placed in consultation with POP partners at the selected sites.
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