SZV Doctor Control / online procedure
- If you are a Private Sector employee, you MUST fill in your Yellow Card number.
- You can only report unfit for work to SZV via the online form available below.
- Employees are at all times responsible for reporting to their employer that they are unfit for work.
- If the company you work for is currently not operational, you cannot report for sick-leave control at SZV.

When do you report unfit for work at SZV?
Private sector - on the 3rd day unfit for work
Civil Servants - on the 4th day unfit for work

COVID-19 Quarantine or Isolation: If you are reporting AO because you have been placed in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 by the department of Collective Preventions Services (CPS), you must submit an official letter from CPS stating so.
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