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Use this form to suggest fun Ray Fox scenarios used for cover art requests and monthly Ray Fox illustrations!


Wanna ask a question instead? Then ask me or any of my characters a question and it might be featured in the questions and answers column at the end of every section of a chapter!

Cast your ideas here in this form! It can be any character from the comic.  Please keep the comments appropriate and remember, this is strictly Ray Fox related. You're more likely be featured if you're a Patreon supporter. Be creative! you only get one chance to fill a request until it gets cleared. Have fun!

Anyone can suggest their ideas but for the monthly Illustrations, you must be a supporter on my Patreon to be able to vote when the time comes!

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Cover art idea. Make a request that might come to life as an illustration or cover art. Be creative!
Got a question? Specify if it's towards me or any of my characters first then ask away!
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