Business Interests Confidentiality Agreement
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Terms In consideration of the VENDOR or their agent P & C Marshall Pty Ltd acn 77 511 969 316 Trading as :BUSINESS INTERESTS providing information The prospective purchaser agrees:1 To keep confidential ALL information in respect of the subject business/es.2 Not to disclose any information without the express permission of the Vendor.3 Not at any time to use themselves or for another's' benefit such information other than by the purchase of the business.4 That any agreement to purchase the whole or portion of the business shall be exclusively through Business Interests.5 To immediately return to Business Interests all such information and other details in written form including any drawings and any copies made of written information and drawings or note summaries or extracts thereof if and when requested by Business Interests.6 Not to make direct contact under any circumstances with the Vendor without the consent of Business Interests.The Vendor acknowledges that the provision of information to their financial advisor shall not of its self constitute a breach to this agreement but the prospective purchaser shall be responsible for any disclosure of information by their professional advisers which would if such disclosure were made be detrimental to the subject business.The Vendor of the subject business or Business Interests may take legal action against the prospective purchaser to recover damages caused by any breach of this agreement.Privacy Act 1988Business Interests may record in an electronic data base information collected to promote the services of the Agent and/or seek potential clients. The Agent may disclose information gathered from both the Vendor and the Purchaser to other parties including media organisations, on the internet, or to clients of the agents both existing and potential, as well as to parties engaged to evaluate the business or property, owners, corporations, advisers, accountants, government and statutory bodies and financial institutions. if the Vendor and Purchaser would like to access this information,they can do so by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this agreement. The parties can also correct this information if it is inaccurate,incomplete or out of date. Real estate and tax law require some of this information to be collected. If the information is not provided,the Agent may not be able to act on the Parties behalf effectively or at all.I acknowledge that Business Interests as agents of the Vendor have not conducted any detailed examination of the Vendor's financial records nor other relevant documentation and are therefore unable to give any warranties relating to the subject business. I will not rely on any representations made by any person acting on behalf of Business Interests, and I and/or my nominees will conduct such inspection of the said business and premises and the fixtures, fittings, plant and equipment, trade utensils, implements, stock, licenses, permits, leases, contracts and records of financial transactions as , I shall require, to satisfy myself prior to Purchase.I HEREBY AGREE UNCONDITIONALLY TO CONDITIONS CONTAINED HEREIN .
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By clicking the "Submit button" and sending this agreement you are agreeing to the above terms Particularly item 6 not to contact the Vendor without authority .Thank you for your details we will be in contact shortly
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