We're making Layout better 💯
After two long years of making weekly episodes, one full year with Spec, it's time to regroup and think of how we can improve our show. We have some exciting ideas in the works, but we would really appreciate it if you could spare a couple seconds to give us some feedback.
What kind of topics do you enjoy the most? (pick as many as you'd like) *
Which side segment do you enjoy the most? *
What is the ideal length of an episode? *
What do you like about this show? 🤔
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What would you like to see (hear) in future Layout? 🤔
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Anything else?
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And that's it, thank you so much for your input!
We'll be back very soon, and in the meantime, follow us on the Twitters for more updates http://twitter.com/layoutfm
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