octor Who Camp - Offer of Intent To Participate
This form is to be used to identify groups who wish to attend North Peel Extreme Medical AdVentures (NPEMA's) upcoming 'Embrace the Chaos" Camp, which boasts a Doctor Who Camp ' A Flux in Time' theme. This just marks the first of many annual camps we will be hosting yearly in the fall.

Please contact us VIA email should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions: camps.npema@gmail.com

Camp Details
Camp Details:
Date: October 13-15th 2017
Location: Camp Manitou, Milton ON
Who: Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers

Early Bird Rate: $25.00/Youth, $20.00/Scouter, $20.00/OOS -> For those who are fully registered before Sept 19th.
Regular Rate: $30.00/Youth, $25.00/Scouter, $20.00/OOS -> For those who register on or after Sept 20.
LATE Rate: $35.00/youth, $30.00/scouter -> For those registering after Sept 26th.

UPDATE: We are now accepting Interact E-Transfers for payment fees and group deposits!

What: An amazing adventure annually, this years focus will be a "Flux in Time" - revolving around the popular Dr. Who's world where time travel and other dimensions is the norm. Don't be surprised if you see some things you thought were behind us *cough* zombies... And of course other things from the world of the Doctor.

What is and is not included in camper registration fees:
What does the registration fee cover?
-> We're glad you asked! Here is the breakdown: Scouts' Canada per person fee, facility rentals, program supplies, camp crest, dance supplies, and all the adventure you can think of!

What's not included in the registration fee?
-> Again, great question! The only things NOT included/covered in your camp registration are:
-> Food, your group will be responsible for cooking your own meals for the camp.

Perks of Signing up Early:
What does Early Offer of Intent entitle us to?
-> Since you're helping us better plan and budget for your group's attendance we're locking in the following perks:

- A guaranteed slot for each member of your group attending (within the number you indicated)

- NO LATE FEE's (you read that right!). For each person registered (within the number you indicated), you will not be charged the late fee, regardless of date you register them. (Please see the terms section below for details).

- A locked in participant fee, meaning no price hikes or increases for any unforeseen circumstances on our end.

WE will email all groups who are listed as offers of intent in September to get your actual camper information, but for now numbers will do! You MUST submit a completed group registration BY September 22nd. Those who have not done so will have their camper slots locked as participants without a name, and your group WILL be charged for this participant slot. (You can always add or remove slots before this deadline if you cannot fill the space).

Example of the Perks
Let's say you reserve for 10 people. On September 20th, only 9 are signed up, and you need to add one more person. As it would be after Sepember 20th, you would be considered a LATE registration... BUT... You had locked in 10 slots remember? Therefore:
-> You will NOT be charged the late fee for that 10th person as their slot was already booked.

However, if you registered ADDITIONAL participants beyond the booked 10, then they would have to pay the late fee, if they registered beyond the late fee cut off date.

Extra Slots should be cancelled as soon as you know they're not going to be filled so that we can open them up to other groups.

What is your group's name?
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We are a...
From (Insert name of Area/Council)
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Our Contact Scouter's name is:
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Their email address is:
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A phone number they can be reached at is:
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How many slots would you like to pre-book/secure for your group?
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Payment - Important Please READ:
To Secure your group's offer of intent, please send a cheque to "Scouts Canada, NPEMA" for $50.00 (total, not per person) memo reading "dr who camp offer of intent - 'scout group name'. All cheques must be received BEFORE September 17th to lock your members into the deal offered above.

Cheques can be mailed to "NPEMA - CAMPS" 10 Madelaine Crescent, Brampton, ON, L6S2Y9.


Terms of Service
By clicking "I accept' you agree to the following terms and conditions:

- Your reserved camper numbers (slots) will NOT be charged to your group (at this point).

- You will have the early bird participant rate locked in for all registrations within your above indicated number.

- You WILL COMPLETE your group's FULL Registration BEFORE September 22nd.

- All Empty spaces in your indicated number will be REMOVED (you can do this via email) before September 29th.
-> Any remaining empty slots in your groups registration roster after this date will be charged to your group at the regular $25.00/slot fee maining will be booked in your groups name, and you will be responsible to pay for the slot, regardless of if an actual participant attends.

Failure to meet any of the above Terms of Service WILL result in your Offer of Intent becoming INVALID. All slots within your groups indicated amount will be released to other participants.

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions
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