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LanguageLine is a high school student-led service project and pending 501(c)(3) non-profit that virtually connects Senior Citizens who speak a foreign language such as Russian, German or Spanish with a high school or college student learning that language for free. LanguageLine allows Senior Citizens to give back to younger members of the community and to increase their social activity, whilst also allowing students to improve their language learning skills, make valuable connections to someone new, and serve their community. We'd love to have you participate, so please feel free to take your time answering the questions; for further inquiries, comments or questions please email or call/text (502)-888-5852. Thank You! :)
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Would you be willing to have a conversation with a Senior Citizen/High School student in your foreign language (Spanish, Russian, or German) on an online zoom call for 15-20 minutes? *
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Are you a senior citizen or student? *
How did you find out about the LanguageLine Program? *
If you're a senior citizen, what languages do you speak? If you're a student, what languages are you learning and how well do you know that language? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pretty well, etc.) *
How good/acquainted are you with using the following online video call services (Click all that apply)?: *
What times are you usually available Mondays-Sundays for a 15-20 minute meeting and what is your timezone (EST, MST, etc.)? *
Do you know any other German, Spanish, or Russian-speaking Senior Citizens OR High Schools students OR someone who might be useful for this nonprofit? If so, please put their contact information below OR send them this google form! *
Thank you so much for getting this far! Please provide your name and a method of contacting you in order to have you participate in the LanguageLine project! (Phone number, email address) *
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