VCF East 2020 Class Registration
Thank you for considering to teach a class at VCF East 2020!

The class room sessions ("Classes") on Friday, April 24, 2020 are technical classes, not historical lectures. All of the classes are beginner/intermediate-level. All of them are classroom-style. They focus on vital tips and advice for configuring and repairing vintage hardware/software. Subjects range from Retrobriting to setting up networking on a computer.

Please fill out this form as best as you can; we can always update your answers later as things develop.

This information will be kept private and only used for VCF East 2020 event planning.

The fine print: Registration does not guarantee a spot. We are not too picky, but we do want a well rounded mix of classes. If things don't line up perfectly we'll work with you to try to fit you into the show.

Questions? Email Andrew Diller (Classes Liaison for 2020) at or Chris Fala (
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