Student Application For FYH Arts Program Lessons and Workshops
Students interested in learning the basics of guitar or songwriting should complete this application. Students selected to participate in the FYH Arts Program must attend program meetings and lessons and respond in a timely manner to communication via text or email.
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FYH Arts would like for every student to have the opportunity to explore music through guitar instruction because the guitar played a prominent role in Mississippi’s music history. Guitar instruction requires guitar teachers. There are few guitar teachers in the area and, for this reason, FYH supports guitar teachers. The number of students selected for guitar instruction is limited by the availability of guitar teachers. *
FYH Arts would like for former FYH students to continue lessons. Are you a former FYH Arts student? *
Check the FYH Teachers that you know or have taken lessons from in the past. *
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If I am accepted into the FYH Arts Program, I will attend all the lessons or meetings unless I am ill. I understand that these lessons may be virtual, at a school, or at another location. *
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Please check the dates / times that you can attend FYH Guitar Lessons. Note that they are all on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Grenada School District Armory from 10:00 to 11:30 on the dates listed. You will need to provide your transportation to and from lessons. *
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Phone Number: Guardian's / Parent's Phone. FYH will need current phone contact information for adults responsible for the student for general program information, transportation issues, medical safety, or emergencies. Please list all relevant phone numbers. *
Publicity: The opportunities afforded you by this program are dependent upon funding and good publicity. Participation requires you to authorize Follow Your Heart and sponsors of the program to (a.) record your likeness, playing, and voice on video, audio, photographic, digital, and electronic recordings; (b.) use your name in connection with these recordings; and (c.) use, reproduce, exhibit or distribute in any medium (e.g. print publications, videos, internet) these recording for any purpose Follow Your Heart deems appropriate, including promotional or advertising efforts. By signing, you release Follow Your Heart and those acting in its authority from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right you may have in connection with such use, and you agree that all such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the property of Follow Your Heart. *
Transportation: Do you have a way to get to and from lessons? Note that during the Covid19 crisis, FYH will have lessons on Saturdays at open air pavilions at Grenada Lake. FYH will not provide transportation to and from Grenada Lake. Check all that apply to you. *
Recommendation: At least one person that knows you and understands how serious you are about learning how to play the guitar or learning about songwriting must recommend you. This person should be an adult and should not be your parent or guardian. Think about someone that knows you from school, church, or community activities. Please list the name and contact information including the phone number below. You can list more than one person. FYH will reach out to them. *
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