SL19B Volunteer Application
Do you love Second Life? Do you love to party? Do you love to help? Join the SL19B Volunteer staff and you can do all three! Help people celebrate Second Life! We are looking for Residents with great people skills and a love and excitement for Second Life to help us make SL19B a huge success! That starts by making a great experience for visitors. If you like the idea of promoting Second Life in a positive way to thousands of people in a  celebratory atmosphere, we welcome you to apply today!
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Volunteer Guidelines and Policies
1. Remember volunteers are there to help. Be courteous in your interaction with guests.

2. Ability to commit to at least two hour shifts at a time. Also the understanding that SL19B is a week long event and we need people who will be available for more than just one or two days.

3. If possible, please let a Volunteer Coordinator or Manager know if you are going to miss an assigned shift.  

4. There will be pre-birthday training sessions that you must complete regardless of whether you have completed them in the past or not. There are multiple sessions offered in order to accommodate everyone's schedule. If you do not complete the required training sessions, you will be removed from the Volunteer group.

5. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer position and is not a job. You will not be paid for the work you do at SL19B.

6. Please remember volunteers can not rez/wear tipjars or solicit for tips.

7. To be easily recognized by visitors, you need to wear your team shirt. Also remember that SL19B is a general event. Your appearance and profile need to reflect that maturity rating.

8. In case of issues with guests or volunteers, the Mole Coordinators will have the final decision.

I have read and agree to abide to the above guidelines.
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Description of Volunteer Positions
General Responsibilities: Stage Crew volunteers operate as a team to ensure the smooth running of the stages, facilitate stream handovers between performers, and create a welcoming, fun atmosphere for both performers and guests. No experience is necessary to be a part of the Stage Crew. All training is provided. Stage Crew volunteers are usually scheduled for 2 or more shifts of 2 or more hours each over the event. Stage Managers usually volunteer many days during the event, in longer shifts.

Host/Hostess - The crew member that works with the crew to welcome visitors to the stage area. They will also coordinate with the BOH and FOH to prepare and then post announcements in the SL19B group chat of the upcoming performance.

Front of the House - The crew member managing the stage/floor area during performances. After coordinating with the current talent and next talent, the FoH uses a HUD to change the stream on all the stage regions.

Back of the House - The crew member managing the pre-performance tasks on the Test Parcel, used for stream setup/check with the talent. BoH also confirms with the talent information to be used in the posting of the group announcement and relays it to the other crew members.

Stage Manager - Stage Managers have two or more years of exemplary experience working in all capacities at the SLB stages. They are responsible for the overall functioning of the stage, train and mentor new volunteers, and assume any stage role when needed.

Greeter - Volunteer who welcomes visitors to the SL19B regions. They provide information about what, where and when things are happening all around the estate.

What position(s) are you applying for? *
You may select more than one position you are interested in training for. Stage crew positions are scheduled positions that require a specific time commitment. The Greeter position is unscheduled and allows for greater flexibility.
What mesh body does your main avatar wear? *
We are asking so that we will be sure to have crew shirts for everyone. Let us know who makes the body that you most commonly wear.
What is your time zone? (+/- SLT)
Select the day(s) which are best for you.
The more you are available, the easier it is to schedule you. Stage Crew should be prepared to commit to at least 2 shifts of 2 hours each during the ten days of scheduled programming. SL19B has scheduled events June 18 - June 26.
When would you be available to work? *
Please indicate what times (in SLT) you would be able to work. You are not expected to work the full four hour period. This is just to get a sense of what times during the day best reflect your availability.
When was the last SLB you volunteered at?
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If you have worked at SLB before, what did you do?
Why are you interested in working at SL19B? *
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