Leadership Training--Module 6--Instructor's Qualities
The goal of a Martial Arts Instructor is to assist the students in the process of developing confidence through Martial Arts Training.

There are many qualities needed to become a well-rounded instructor. The following is a list of some of the more important ones.

Knowledge: Knowledge in the area of instruction is a must. An instructor must be informative.

Attitude: No matter how informative the material is, the class is only as good as the instructor’s attitude on that given day.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is a must. What you lack in knowledge, make up in energy—“FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT!”

Patience: Patience is an instructor’s best friend (always ending a correction with a smile).

Love: You must really care for your students.

Understanding: You must view things from a student’s viewpoint.

Compassion: You must help your students through frustrating moments.

Punctuality: Being punctual is a sign of dependability and is a must for all instructors.

Cleanliness: An instructor’s uniform should be clean and pressed. Personal grooming should never be neglected.

Example: An instructor should always be an EXAMPLE of the benefits of Martial Arts Training.
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