Green New Eskom Campaign - Organisational Sign-On Letter
This form is *for organisations to sign* on in support of the Green New Eskom campaign, which is demanding a rapid and just transition to a more socially owned, renewable energy powered, zero carbon economy, providing clean, safe & affordable energy for all, with no worker or community left behind. *Individuals can sign on in support at the campaign website*, which also has more information about the campaign:

Below is the preamble and list of demands. Scroll down below it to enter your details and sign on.

Sign On Letter

Eskom’s reliance on expensive, unreliable & polluting coal is killing us. Electricity tariff increases and load shedding are killing the South African economy and hurting the poor. Eskom’s unsustainable debt levels are draining tens of billions in taxpayer money and driving austerity. Its power is literally killing our people through air and water pollution. And as the biggest climate polluter in Africa, it is causing death and devastation across the world through climate change.

A better Eskom and a more just energy future is possible though, if we pursue a rapid and just transition to renewable energy that benefits all South Africans. Renewable energy is now South Africa’s cheapest and most job-creating form of energy. Research shows that compared to sticking to our polluting system, a transition to 100% renewable energy can create 200,000 more jobs by 2030 & 1 million more by 2050. It would also lower the cost of energy by 25%, save 196 billion litres of water per year, make our energy system more reliable, and remove our biggest source of air, water & climate pollution.

If we are to transition to a renewable energy future, we cannot leave behind workers who have given their blood and sweat to keep the lights on. We must protect workers and communities who depend on coal for their livelihoods. A just transition is vital. It is not optional. Additionally, to ensure that renewable energy brings more benefits to the people of South Africa, we must pursue a more socially owned renewable energy future rather than privatising Eskom and allowing foreign multinationals to dominate.

With millions still lacking access to electricity, we must ensure access to affordable energy for all. Renewable energy provides the most affordable and fastest way to provide energy access for all. Poor South Africans also deserve an expansion of the insufficient indigent free electricity allocation. We must reject the inhumanity of leaving the poorest and most vulnerable in our society out in the dark and in the cold, especially with the onset of winter. We must ensure energy for all, so that all South Africans can have the power they require to meet their basic needs.

Research shows that air pollution sharply increases the risks of dying from COVID-19. Even before COVID 19, air pollution was killing millions of people globally every year. Despite this, in April during the first days of lockdown, the government weakened air pollution regulations, making our coal-fired power regulations for sulphur dioxide 28x weaker than China & 10x weaker than India. Before taking into account increased risks from COVID-19, the weakening of this regulation was projected to result in an additional 3,300 deaths. Rather than weakening our regulations, we must strengthen them to ensure every South African’s constitutional right “to an environment that isn't harmful to their health or well-being”

With COVID-19’s economic impacts devastating South Africa, we desperately need a major programme to put South Africans to work building a more socially, economically and environmentally just future, as has demanded by the Cry of the Xcluded coalition. Renewable energy is a key part of that recovery. As research from the Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies shows, “Unlocking renewable energy investments as part of the post-lockdown stimulus package would bring multiple benefits, from fostering inclusive growth to stimulating industrial development and sustainable energy systems

The time is long past due for action on Eskom, energy access, a just transition, climate change & pollution. Enough is enough! Kwanele! That’s why we as the Climate Justice Coalition are launching the Green New Eskom campaign, demanding a rapid and just transition to a renewable energy powered, zero carbon economy, providing clean, safe & affordable energy for all, with no worker or community left behind. We welcome new individuals & organisations wanting to sign on in support of the campaign and it’s demands.

We welcome new organisations wanting to sign on in support of the campaign and it’s demands. Individuals can sign on at We also welcome feedback and comments, which can be sent via this form or to Alex Lenferna (

The Green New Eskom campaign has the following list of demands.
1. A rapid and just transition to a renewable energy powered, zero carbon economy, providing clean, safe & affordable energy for all, with no worker or community left behind.
2. No new coal power – so-called “clean coal” is an expensive polluting lie. Just Medupi & Kusile power stations are projected to cost nearly R500 billion, almost as much as Ramaphosa’s entire initial COVID-19 stimulus program.
3. No to fracking for fossil gas. Rather than polluting fossil gas, new gas plants should aim for renewable hydrogen and biogas, which can help balance the grid for renewables. South Africa and Sasol can and should become leaders in producing affordable renewable hydrogen.
4. Put in place a robust just transition plan that invests in and protects workers & communities vulnerable in the transition to a renewable energy economy. Leave no one behind.
5. Based on the Integrated Resource Plan’s decision 5, remove the limits on renewable energy, then accelerate the transition in line with South Africa’s fair share of keeping warming to 1.5C.
6. Restructuring Eskom to do away with corruption & bloated, overpaid (mis)management.
7. An audit of all energy supply contracts to recover costs on & end overpriced contracts – including the R14 trillion in overpriced coal contracts signed during 2008 loadshedding. Declare as odious the corruption riddled World Bank debt for the Medupi coal power plant.
8. Policies & incentives to enable socially owned renewable energy so local workers, communities, small-to-medium businesses, & families can own & benefit from clean energy.
9. Expand Eskom’s mandate to allow it to rapidly build out renewable energy & energy storage, and extend & upgrade the grid - allowing socially owned renewable energy to feed into the grid.
10. Ending harmful and regressive subsidies for coal, oil and gas, and redirecting them to urgent needs like education, healthcare, energy access, and renewable energy. The taxpayer cannot keep bailing out the fossil fuel industry destroying our climate and our economy.
11. A renewable reindustrialisation policy that enables a nationwide rollout of renewable energy factories and plants with priority given to vulnerable, coal-dependent, carbon-intensive regions.
12. A mass rollout of: solar panels; electric vehicles & accompanying infrastructure; affordable, electrified mass transit; smart grids; battery & storage technologies; and building efficiency retrofits especially for low-income houses; all with policies to encourage local production.
13. A massive skills, jobs, and training programme to create opportunities for South Africans in the renewable energy economy and unlock One Million Climate Jobs.
14. No to continued tariff hikes which are making electricity unaffordable. Expand free electricity access for indigent households & ensure all have access to reliable, affordable energy.
15. No exemptions to Eskom or Sasol for clean air regulations - including minimum emission standards, and transparency on emissions data. We must strengthen these regulations.
16. All communities impacted by mining and energy projects must have their free, prior and informed consent respected. A standard which must be enshrined in the law and respected by regulations.
17. Beyond just energy, as the Cry of the Xcluded has demanded, South Africa needs a radical Green New Deal which puts South Africans to work building a more socially and ecologically just future and which tackles our deep inequality, unemployment and poverty.

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List of supporting organisation
African Climate Alliance
African Climate Reality Project
Amnesty International SA
Botshabelo Unemployed Movement
Centre for Applied Legal Studies
Centre for Environmental Rights
Extinction Rebellion South Africa
Fund Our Future
General Industrial Workers Union of South Africa
Keep Left
Lawyers for Human Rights
Mining Affected Communities United In Action
Makause Community Development Forum
Middleburg Environmental Justice Network
Newcastle Environmental Justice Alliance
Nu Climate Vision
Planet Huggers
Project 90 by 2030
Right 2 Know
Section 27
Sekhukhune Environmental Justice Network
South African Federation of Trade Unions
South African Youth Centre for Climate Change
Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee
Unemployed Peoples Movement
Vaal Evironmental Justice Alliance
Women Affected by Mining United in Action

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