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This form aims to capture your interest in our program tour of Diabuddies school engagements. Below is some information about what our tour is. We are now evaluating for a 2018 tour, and the regions we reach will depend on interest so sign up and share this with your community!

Ciera - VP @ Peel District School Board ~ Glucagon Training ~
Maren & Lizzie
Presented to Eli-Lilly on the importance of glucagon in schools to Nasal Glucagon Advisory Board
Letter from Dr Mahmud on the importance of glucagon training
TCDSB Policy and procedure created and approved
Workshop Pilot
Family Support

Our Pilot successfully reached 16,000 students and earned testimonials from school teachers, principals, and school board specialty staff. More importantly, it granted empowerment to families through helping students with T1D to shine while promoting a growth mindset. We witnessed the heroic efforts of kids with T1D overcome challenges in life and school with our support.

Our goal is to bring infrastructure and expertise to schools across Canada in order to improve the safety and enrichment of children with T1D. We've assisted schools with breaking down stigma and stereotypes, building teams of educators specifically trained on daily T1D management, helping teachers recognize the volatility of this disease, and changing official policies regarding trained support for T1D's so that they may attend field trips without their parents.

We are changing the reality of youth with T1D into what it should have always been: safe, supported, and informed. What our tour specializes in is positive energy and the undeniable presentation of information. Peers and entire schools wind up thinking "how can we help" which results in a more inclusive school environment.

Staff and students who have experienced our tour feel that it strongly promotes a sense of community and empowers people to support each other despite differences. With powerful visuals and education on diabetes, we have transformed ignorance into actions that bring teams together.

We look forward to following up with you.
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