Kickstart Scheme Application
Hi! This is a quick application for the Kickstart Scheme where the government will help you hire young people to work for your business.

The scheme will pay for their wages and national insurance for 25hrs per week and 6 months at minimum wage. As part of the scheme, you'll also receive a £1500 setup grant per employee to help you cover the costs of training, computers, etc. You can hire more than one person too.

The roles must be new (ie you can't fire someone and rehire through the scheme) and you must commit to provide training and up-skilling opportunities for the young people.

As a small business, unless you can hire 30 roles, you're not able to apply on your own. Luckily, we have been accepted as a Gateway provider, and you can apply via us.

Other agencies are charging businesses an admin fee but we will NOT charge you any fees - we're a small business too! If you apply with us, you will receive your £1500 setup grant in full (most agencies are deducting their fees from this).

Any questions please shout -
What's your Ltd company name? *
Please note your company must be registered as a limited company or charity on Companies House. This is a requirement of the scheme.
What's your full name? *
You must be one of the Directors of the company on Companies House.
What's your Companies House number? *
What's the company's registered address? *
What's your postcode? *
What's your contact address? If different from above
What's your email? *
What's your telephone number? *
How many people do you currently hire?
How many roles would you like to hire through the scheme? *
Please note that these roles must be new and only possible thanks to the grant funding of the scheme (ie you wouldn't otherwise be able to hire them and you're not already advertising for the role). You will also need to enrol the person(s) in your PAYE.
Can you confirm that the roles are new, not replacing existing or planned jobs and not causing existing employees or contractors to lose their jobs? *
Do you commit to providing employability support to young people? This includes helping with CV building, setting goals and/or improving skills such as timekeeping, teamwork, communication and work ethic? *
What roles will you be hiring for? *
Please list the titles of all the jobs you want to hire via the scheme.
Do you have job descriptions for these roles? *
This is not mandatory at this stage but will be required for stage two. The quicker we receive the job descriptions, the quicker we can get the jobs filled. If you already have yours, please feel free to email them to
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