2017 West Millbrook Proctor Sign-up
Update: 5/26/17 Our first day of testing went quite well, and we're gearing up for testing next week and the following.

Our proctor numbers are perfect for every day except Thursday, June 1. We never reached our needed number, and today had a couple of cancellations which puts us in dire need of NINE proctors for that day. Please sign-up if at all possible, and if you have a college-age child or adult family member who is willing to help us, please share this need with them.

Thank you!

Original post:
We need proctors for our End of Year tests! The job of a proctor involves circulating the classroom to ensure that the standardized test is being administered in a fair, unbiased, and safe environment. All proctors are paired with West Millbrook teachers and are in no way responsible for administering the test.

Training will begin at 7:45 the morning of testing and testing should be complete by 12:15 each day. (If you sign-up for multiple days, you only need to arrive for training on the first day. After that, simply arrive at 8:10 for the day's assignment!)

Sign-up below. If your browser cannot access the sign-up, please e-mail dwalters@ncteacher.org with the day or dates that you are available.

Thank you! From the needs shown below, you will see that we truly could not meet our testing requirements mandated by law, without you!

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If you are offering your services through a volunteer program provided by your company, please let us know the company name/corporation that we should thank -- in addition to the huge thank you that we give you!
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If a testing date is no longer shown below, all proctor needs for that day have been filled. Updated 5/26/17 4 p.m.
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