Call for Participation in New ECPR Research Network
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Key areas of interest
Since the 1990s, increasing attention has been paid to African, Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and other non-Western political theories and traditions. This trend is likely to continue: normative theorizing is critical to understand our politics and articulate new ways forward. But, in a globalized and multipolar world, such theorizing cannot be limited to Western political categories. In recent years, leading political science journals (such as Journal of Politics, American Political Science Review, and American Journal of Political Science) and distinguished academic publishers (such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Princeton University Press) have begun publishing the works of comparative political theorists. Some of the leading voices in these international debates are members of European Universities, but comparative political theory lacks a point of reference in Europe.

We thus propose a Research Network dedicated to Comparative Political Theory at the ECPR.
Comparative Political Theory Research Network will be the first and main intra-university institution that gathers and connects the variety of activities pursued by comparative political theorists in Europe and beyond.

CPT is the platform that aims to facilitate dialogue among comparative political theorists. It hosts normative political discussions about different cultural traditions and regional contexts, and it encompasses a variety of theoretical approaches. Conceptual and methodological debates that reflect on the discipline of comparative political theory are also part of the envisaged work of the Research Network, as well as discussions on specific issues in one or more non-Western political traditions. Next to methodological enquiries and debates within non-Western traditions, a third focus of the Research Network lies in the impact of CPT on existing discourses in political science.
The Research Network will organize panels at each ECPR General Conference and support activities of the group members at other ECPR events. The mailing list and webpage shall serve as a platform for joint research activities.

We invite scholars who are interested in joining this network to indicate their support and willingness to contribute. Members of the CPT Network will have access to information on CPT events, and the opportunity to be involved in CPT’s panels and events. Please fill out the form in the next section by 30 November 2020.
Elena Ziliotti
Assistant Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Technological University of Delft (,

Alexander Weiß
Private Lecturer in Political Science, Hamburg University, and Research Fellow in Political Theory, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg (,
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