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Terms & Conditions of Fostering
The aim of the Ridgeback Rescue is to find permanent, caring homes for Ridgebacks that have become unwanted for many reasons. Some are simply victims of circumstance; their owners have died, family has split up or gone abroad. These dogs are usually problem-free and settle easily with a new family. Others come from unsuitable homes where they may have developed bad habits They may be boisterous, destructive, dislike other dogs, or are not house trained.

If you agree to foster a rescue Ridgeback you may have some of these problems to deal with. It should also be noted that Ridgebacks are hounds and require plenty of exercise - an adult dog will need about one and a half hours each day with ample opportunity to run free so a small local park is not adequate. Being hunting dogs they also tend to chase anything that runs away from them and most things do, so exercise areas need choosing with care.

Each dog will usually have spent some time in kennels, being assessed before being re-homed. We try to find out as much information as possible about the background of each dog, but in some cases we may know nothing at all about it. However we make every effort to match the characteristics and needs of each dog, to the requirements and circumstances of potential foster homes.
1). We will NOT foster a dog known to be vicious.
2). We do NOT foster dogs where there are small children under 10 years of age.
3). We do NOT allow males to go where there is another male of any breed, as jealousy and rivalry can lead to fighting.

If after reading the above you decide you would like to foster a Ridgeback please complete this questionnaire as this will assist us when placing a dog in foster.

The "Rescue", welcome the opportunity for Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their care to be fostered either in the Short Term or Long Term.

Short Term Policy:
For dogs who would benefit from a home environment, with the aim that they will be re-homed at some point. Vet Bills will be covered by the Rescue. The Foster Carer must be willing to take the foster dog to the Kennels to meet potential new owners or allow a meeting to take place at their own home. A key responsibility of being a foster home is to promote the foster dog for re-homing as much as possible. This is to ensure that dogs do not stay in foster care longer than necessary. Examples of promotion might be updating the Rescue's website and social media pages and attending events organised by Rescue with the foster dog.

Long Term Policy:
For dogs that might never be re-homed due to illness or age. Vet Bills will be covered by the Rescue. It must be understood that the foster dog may be in the foster home for the remainder of its life.

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