Staff Application - Social Media Manager
This is an application for the social media manager position.
What is your discord name? (Ie: MapleSyrup#0001) *
What name do you go by in the discord? (Ie: Maple | *
How long have you been a member of MAN? (Months or years, please indicate which) *
How old are you? *
Which social media platforms do you use? (Check all that apply) *
For all of the social media platforms that you use and would like to share, please provide a link so we can see your material. (Please provide the hyperlinks) *
Have you ever managed social media for any other organization or company? (If yes, please specify and provide links if possible)
We do not currently have an up to date and formalized social media plan. What do you think we should do to develop a better presence online? Please provide us with an outline. We will ask for more details during the interview. *
Confidentiality is important to us. Can you keep what you learn confidential? Even if you get upset that we don't take your suggestions? *
Staff members are easily seen in the discord. Can you ensure that you will be a positive influence, even if you don't always agree with direction? *
Explain why you think you're the best person to join our staff team. Remember, you won't be a moderator, but your opinion will be sought. *
Anything else you want us to know?
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