ABC CREATE Fluency Fellowship (2020 Cohort)
Fluency's partnership with ABC CREATE is a collaborative venture that will explore the role of inquiry in the lives of students, teachers, and administrators, as practiced in learning ecosystems. Our practice of inquiry is aimed at learning technologies, non-traditional data, and the ensuing effects on the education of our student population. The overall design of the professional learning for teachers and administrators is driven by values grounded in equity, authenticity, agency, and compassion.

Cohort members will meet monthly for half-day workshops, and agree to implement their own inquiry project. While there is a Fluency framework that the group will follow, this work is created by the community of learners therefore reflective of the strengths and questions of this group.
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“Teaching is isolating - building relationships where we mutually investigate Fluency and uniquely attempt to apply it in varied settings helps motivate me to try new things.” - Fluency cohort member
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“Fluency challenges me to think about bigger issues. It challenges me to get my students to do the same and to help them to tackle big challenges. I feel supported by the team as they provide interesting technology and intellectual stimulation that help me accomplish these lofty goals.” – Fluency cohort member
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"We have been given the time and support throughout these years to grapple with meaningful education topics and achieve realizations about how humankind learns best. These conclusions ultimately change our teaching and we reach a point where we cannot revert back to our old ways." - Fluency cohort member
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As part of your application, you will also need to submit a Signature of Support from the appropriate individual/party providing oversight (For Example: verification of PD leave, approval for substitute teachers, etc.). Please provide the contact information below for this individual/party.
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"Taking the space and time to breathe, notice, question, tinker, play makes us better equipped to handle ambiguous situations and lead from a place of values. Activate your potential by taking a pause—move slowly, in order to go fast." - Fluency cohort member
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