Mental Health Survey: a new service
From feedback we received from general conversations with our clients and their carers, we have found that there is a need for further mental health support. Uppertunity are looking to offer a new service, but before we do so, we want it to be shaped by the individuals who will use it.

This survey is specifically for individuals with additional needs, learning disabilities, autism and mental health barriers. It might be more helpful if a carer supports the individual to answer the questions. It is 10 questions, with a mixture of multiple choice and short answers.

Answers are anonymous and no personal details are required. If you would like to join the focus group, we will require your email address. This will be used for this purpose only.
1. How would you rate your mental health over the past 6 months? 1 being very low, 5 being okay, 10 being very good.
Very low, no motivation for anything, no good feelings.
Very good, feeling good about myself and everything around me.
Clear selection
2. What are the reasons for your answer? What has caused your mood to be high or low?
3. If your mental health has been low, what would help it to improve?
4. What is your opinion on counselling and therapy? Counselling is talking to a trained person in a confidential basis, about thoughts and feelings, and the barriers you may face to leading a fulfilled and happy life.
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5. Do you feel counselling would help improve your mental health? If yes or no, why?
6. What impact would having one-to-one therapy have on your life? Think about what things would change.
7. What impact would having group therapy have on your life? Think about what things would change.
8. What would make counselling/therapy great for you?
9. Below are some activities available in counselling. Please tick the ones you think would be useful.
10. We plan to have a focus group, led by service-users, who will design and lead this service and other ones. Would you like to be involved? If so, please add your email address below.
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