Zombie Nation - Survey
This survey is intended to help us improve and provide you with the best PVE Rust experience possible.
We can't make Rust great again, but we would like to hear from you, what would be the most fun.
I am... *
I am (have been) playing on the server for... *
What do(/did) you enjoy the most on the server? *
Your answer
What do you most dislike about the server? (not Rust itself) *
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What would you like to do/have (changed/added) on the server? *
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What do you think about PVP day? *
The best PVP-Day day would be
How do you rate the (non RP) economy (loot/farming/getting stuff)? *
too much grind/not enough stuff
way too easy/too much stuff
Your thoughts on RP and Shop prices
too low
too high
The RP you get is...
Shop prices are...
/heli /brad /zombie prices are...
What do you think about your influence on the server / feedback culture? *
In that regard, how do you think about the amount of votes we have? *
Way too few, I can't influence enough
Way too many, I don't want to be bothered that much
How would you rate the staff transparency on decisions, ideas etc.? *
Poor, communication is not enough
Awesome, I feel well informed
What is your opinion on VIP and Veteran *
Features for VIP
Features for Veteran
Distinction between VIP/Veteran
Time to play for timed ranks
Duration of timed ranks (monthly wipe)
Price of "Gold" version for 120days
How would your ideal VIP/Veteran/??? system look like?
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What else would you like to tell us?
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