Comedy Code of Conduct Coalition
We stand in support of our fellow comedians who have been victims of sexual harassment/violence in the comedy community - because when this happens, it is #nolaughingmatter. We would like to schedule a meeting with decision makers to create change and we want you to be part of it.

We have an opportunity to be reflective on our comedy community. Events in the mainstream media have opened a dialogue and have given us an opportunity to create a community where everyone feels happy, safe, and respected.

Join us in creating a "Comedy Code Of Conduct" for all comedy spaces. As seasoned stakeholders in the comedy community we want your input and help in planning a town hall meeting in partnership with Catharsis Productions for the purposes of getting ahead of this and leading the way in how comedy communities respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment, as well as creating proactive policies to reduce the incidents of these crimes.

You're so valuable - if we are going to make this work, we need everyone involved.

Please sign up to be an integral part of what we are creating.

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