Timing of Haskell Events at ICFP
In the past, we have tried to hold Haskell Symposium on the Thursday-Friday following ICFP (the International Conference on Functional Programming) and the Haskell Implementors' Workshop on Saturday. Starting this year, there are only 3 days for workshops, etc., co-located with ICFP: the previous Sunday, and the following Thursday and Friday. (ICFP proper runs Mon - Wed.) No events are scheduled for the Saturday after ICFP. We thus must find a new way to schedule the Symposium and Implementors' Workshop. As the Symposium is two days, it's firmly locked in on the Thursday-Friday following ICFP.

The main options for the Implementors' Workshop are scheduling it on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday. It is also possible to explore the idea of putting it on Wednesday, overlapping the last day of ICFP proper. Scheduling for Sunday has the advantage of no overlap with the Symposium but the disadvantage that Haskell enthusiasts may have a hard time attending only the Haskell events if they are uninterested in ICFP proper. Scheduling for Thursday or Friday has the advantage of convenience but the disadvantage of running in parallel with the Symposium.
What are the factors important to *you* in making this decision? Would some choices work better for you than others? Why? *
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