Resident Advisor Application (RA) - Georgia Tech Lorraine
Thank you for your interest in being a Resident Advisor at Georgia Tech Lorriane. Prior to completing this application, please be sure to read the general job description below. Each semester is slightly different and details are subject to change. If you have questions regarding this application, please contact Karen Pierce, Deputy Dean of Students Rep and Area Manager-Housing at Georgia Tech Lorraine, at

RA Responsibilities:

• Report to the Area Manager-Housing

• Conduct dorm orientations at the beginning of the semester

• Provide student support in the residence (ie. provide dorm information, school information, answer questions on the GTL Facebook page when on duty, report problems in the residence, provide conflict resolution among students, and deal with and report disciplinary problems, when necessary, etc.)

• Act as liaison between students and GTL Area Manager-Housing and/or between students and Residence Director

• When on duty, make duty rounds throughout the buildings 2 times/night at 8pm and at 12pm and make online duty round reports within 30 minutes after the completion of each round.

• For Fall and Spring semesters, RAs are on duty Monday – Thursday . There is no weekend duty (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

• For Summer semester, RAs are on duty Monday – Thursday or Tuesday – Thursday, depending on class schedules. In general, RAs have duty on any day that GTL has undergraduate classes, except for Fridays. There is no weekend duty (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

• Remain in their dorm on duty nights

• Keep the duty phone on their person during the normal work week and respond promptly when called (unless in class).

• Participate in bi-weekly staff meetings

• Conduct health/safety room inspections as well as pre-checkout inspections

• Provide other support to the Area Manager-Housing as requested.

• Time commitment averages 8-10 hours per week

• If selected for the job, your dorm assignment will be based on the staffing needs at GTL and on your level of work experience. Your dorm preferences will be taken into consideration, however, and accommodated if possible

Georgia Tech Lorraine is a Georgia Institute of Technology campus and established Georgia Tech policies for Resident Assistants and other students are exercised.

The ideal candidate will be committed to the well-being of Georgia Tech Lorraine students and to the success of the Georgia Tech Lorraine study abroad program. He or she will have one year previous RA experience (or comparable work experience), will have demonstrated leadership ability, will be able to exercise discretion when dealing with the personal problems of other students, will have experience in conflict resolution, and will be comfortable enforcing Georgia Tech policies, when necessary. Some ability to speak French is desirable though not required. Interviews will be conducted via Skype.

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