Donate your class credit in solidarity!
You're here because you'd like to donate your JazzMAD student credit in solidarity - WOW! That's awesome and I am so profoundly grateful! Seriously, THANK YOU. Here's why this is going to help SO much:

- Though many students have been wonderfully generous in accepting a class credit for cancelled classes (or even better, forfeiting their credit entirely to help support us) many students have asked for cash refunds. Since we still had to pay our venue hire and teacher contracts for the cancelled classes, and still have ongoing administrative costs, that means refunds have put our school in the red. We understand that some of our students are also under intense financial pressure, like us, so we are trying our best to provide any refunds that are asked for. But it means we are in the negative.

- Giving students credits to use for future classes, while financially easier in the short term, will reduce our earnings ability when we eventually re-open and make recovering from this crisis even more difficult and ongoing. Students that forfeit their class credit now, and pay afresh when you return to classes later, are going to SAVE JAZZMAD!

So your generosity and sacrifice is HUGE and will mean the world to me personally, to JazzMAD and to the other freelance artists I employ and support. Fill in the form below to let me know what email address your JazzMAD student account is under, and if you want to forfeit some or all of your credit.

Thanks for helping us survive the closure, so we can come back swinging. But most of all, stay safe and look after yourself!

In deep gratitude,
Sharon Davis
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