Welcome to CR-CL Vol. 55! We are thrilled that you are interested in joining the Journal's General Board.

CR-CL publishes innovative legal scholarship on civil rights and civil liberties. Over the last fifty years, we have published some of the most provocative and influential legal scholarship in the field, pushing the boundaries of progressive legal discourse. We hope that you will join the General Board and take advantage of the opportunity to bolster your skills and bring your creativity to our journal.

The responsibilities of General Board members include:
• Joining one of CR-CL's committees (such as the Article Selection Board or Events Committee),
• Helping select our Solicited Content topics and shape the journal's content;
• Participating in source pulling, line editing, and technical editing.

If you'd like to get more involved, we are also accepting applications for open Editorial Board roles, including:
• Online Content Editors (who contribute to our blog),
• Audio Content Editors (who edit our podcast),
• Executive Technical Editors (who lead in-depth article editing), and
• New Initiative Committee Members (who are writing a report on new opportunities for CR-CL this year).

If you have more questions about open roles, please see our FAQ (available here:

1. Please fill in the fields below and rank the position(s) for which you would like to be considered.
2. Please include a short statement (max. 100 words) explaining your involvement in CR-CL so far.
3. Upload a copy of your resume.
4. If you are applying to be an ONLINE CONTENT EDITOR: Please write a blog post of 500-700 words about any topic related to civil rights or civil liberties. Please think of a recent legal development (a recent Supreme Court case, a new piece of legislation, a topical news story). Summarize the development and provide some unique analysis. If you select a case, do you agree with the decision? If not, why? Is your agreement or disagreement with the outcome based on your legal analysis or on your policy preferences.
5. If you are applying to be an AUDIO CONTENT EDITOR: Please write a pitch of 250-400 words about a topic you would like to see addressed in our Taking Liberties podcast. The proposal should relate to a timely legal development or social issue that implicates important legal issues. Consider how we might approach the issue in a podcast, what guests we might invite, and discuss how the issue is relevant to your conception of civil rights and civil liberties.
6. If you are applying to ANY OTHER ROLE: Please write a statement of between 250-400 words about a topic you would like to see addressed in Volume 54 of CR-CL in the form of a proposal for an outside author. The proposal should relate to a recent or imminent legal development, or a social issue that implicates the legal system in a novel way. Consider the type of author you envision writing the piece— would a legal academic, a practitioner, or someone else be suited to writing on your proposal? Describe legal and policy arguments an author might make, and note significant counterarguments. Explain how this issue is relevant to your conception of civil rights and civil liberties.

Applications are due by 11:59 EST on Wednesday, January 16th.

Students from marginalized backgrounds, including people of color, first-generation students, women, LGBTQ students, and disabled students are very strongly encouraged to apply. Please note that past experience on the journal is preferred, but not required!

Thank you for applying to the Volume 55 Editorial Board. We look forward to working with you on the upcoming volume!

-- The EICs (Alli, Michelle, Molly, and Sejal)

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