Charging for the cardboard 9-HPT
The 9-hole peg test (9-HPT) is the most widely accepted way of monitoring arm and hand function in people with MS in clinical trials. We have designed a relatively cheap, environmentally friendly and easy to use cardboard 9-HPT for people with MS to use in combination with a panel of other outcome measures. The aim is the empower people with MS to self-monitor their disease (
Would you be prepared to buy the cardboard 9-HPT?
Is £10 (€12 / $15) a reasonable price for the cardboard 9-HPT?
This charge will cover our manufacturing, IT and distribution costs via a third party online e-vendor.
Would you be interested in making your own 9-HPT?
The DIY version could be done using wood, modelling clay, Lego blocks or possibly using a 3-D printer.
Your answer
A bar game, using the 9-HPT, that maybe of interest to you? It is designed to demonstrate the impact of alcohol consumption on arm and hand function.
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