2020 Performer Application
Applications are due on March 14, 2020.
Please note the following; Performances can be no longer than 20 minutes, Each youth under 18 must have an individual waiver.
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Please give as specific a number as possible. Our stages are different sizes and this helps us to assign you to one that will best fit your performance and group size.
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All groups using pre-recorded music must submit a cd, video link or mp3 of their selections by May 15th, 2015
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Performers under 18 must complete a waiver
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Your stage time will be sent between 4-6 weeks prior to the festival. As you submit an application, we ask that you reserve the entire day (Saturday, May 30, 2020) on your schedule. Are there any times that you are NOT available to perform?
Please read and print for your records THIS RELEASE FORM *
Each child under 18 must have individual forms
KIF Performer Release Form 2020
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