YOUtopia 2018 Art Grant Application
Welcome to the YOUtopia 2018 Art Grant Application! We cannot wait to see all the wonderful art that you would like to bring to YOUtopia!

Before you fill out the application we have provided you with several documents to help guide you through. Here are links to all of the questions, a budget template to fill out and a sample application for your reading pleasure. Please make a copy of the questions and the budget to fill out. Once completed you can copy/paste your answers and share a link to your budget inside this application. We recommend that you use a computer instead of your phone.

Art Grant Questions:
Budget Template:
Sample Budget Template:

Deadlines for this year are:
6/15/18 - 11:59 pm - Grant Window 1 (Primary Sound Camps, Temple, and Large Art ONLY)
8/3/18 - 11:59 pm - Grant Window 2
9/12/18 - 11:59 pm - Grant Window 3

Art Cars must get pre-event authorization from the Transportation department. This is required prior to applying for a YOUtopia art grant.
*Art Car Grant applications will not be reviewed prior to approval from Transportation*
Art Car FAQs, with a link to the application, can be found here:
If you have any questions, please email

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