End of Year Building Official Questionnaire
This survey is requesting information concerning your Town/City's Air Leakage Testing requirements.
Your help with this brief 11 question survey will help us better service you and your community.

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1) Do you currently enforce Blower Door Tests on new construction residential projects?
2) Do you currently enforce Duct Leakage Tests on new construction residential projects?
3) If you answered no to either of the above questions, do you anticipate enforcing those tests beginning in 2017?
4) If you already enforce the tests or plan to, do you (or will you) require third party testing?
5) Are you familiar with the procedures for implementation of these tests or would you be interested in a demonstration?
6) When Blower Door Testing becomes pass/fail, do you feel your builders will have difficulty passing the ACH50 requirement?
7) Are you familiar with other companies that offer these sorts of tests?
8 Do you see the value in administering these tests?
9) In the event of a failed test, do you agree or disagree that the testing party should help the builder identify deficiencies that contributed to the result?
10. Do you prefer a hard copy of the test results, or is an electronic submittal acceptable?
11. Should the testing party submit the results of the test or is it ok if the builder submits the results?
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