Friends of Setu (FoS): External Referral Program
Our external referral program to help us find awesome team members!
Visit for more info on our job openings!

Some additional rules:
- To be eligible for the referral award, you should have filled this form.
- You will receive the referral award once your buddy has finished their three-month probationary period and continues full time with the company.
- You cannot refer someone who has previously interviewed with us and in case multiple people refer the same candidate, the person who referred the candidate first will be considered for the referral award.
- The referral program is applicable only on job openings posted on our careers site.

Make sure the person you are referring is also applying for the relevant job opening on our careers site!

Psst! There are gift cards worth ₹25,000 in it for you! What are you waiting for!?
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