Britton Place Subdivision
File No. SUBD-0010-2020
Exhibit: 4B
Public Hearing Information
Applicant: Dobler Engineering
Location: South of Prairie, west of Greensferry, across from Britton Road
Request: Subdivide approximately 4.68 acres into 28 residential mixed lots in an RM zoning district
Hearing Date: January 12, 2021
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Idaho state law only allows the City Council and Planning Commission to consider comments related to the criteria listed below. Please tell us how the requested subdivision either does or does not meet the following criteria:
1. Has the subdivision made definite provisions for a water supply system that is adequate in terms of quantity, and quality for the type of subdivision proposed?
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2. Have adequate provisions been made for a public sewage system and can the existing municipal system accommodate the proposed sewer flows?
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3. Are the proposed streets consistent with the transportation element of the comprehensive plan?
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4. Have all areas of the proposed subdivision which may involve soil or topographical conditions presenting hazards been identified and are the proposed uses of these areas compatible with such conditions?
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5. Is the area proposed for subdivision zoned for the proposed use and do the proposed uses conform to other requirements found in the City Code?
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6. Has the developer made adequate plans to ensure that the community will bear no more than its fair share of costs to provide services by paying fees, furnishing land, or providing other mitigation measures for off-site impacts to streets, parks, and other public facilities within the community? It is the expectation that, in most cases, off site mitigation will be dealt with through the obligation to pay development impact fees.
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