Give Local York ACH Info Collection
Starting with Give Local York 2023, our preferred method for Give Local York payouts to participating organizations will be through ACH transfers. Due to fee changes with our Quickbooks account, organizations that choose or require a paper check for payouts will be assessed a $1.50 fee, beginning in 2023.

To that end, we are requesting that you share your ACH and Bank Account info with us now so that we can get things in place for Give Local York 2023. If you recall, you already share this information with GiveGab for deposit of your day-of online donations. We are unable to access your information through GiveGab's secure system and so are requesting it again here.

Why are we making this change?
- You will receive payments faster and easier after Give Day.
- No trips to the bank for you!
- Currently, we have about 50 participating organizations who still have not deposited their payout checks (6 weeks + after Give Day).
- Lost/misplaced checks complicate our accounting system and add administrative stress.

Why do you need my bank account number?
- Give Local York is requesting your ACH and Bank Account information in order to set up direct deposits for future Give Local York payouts, including stretch, prize and gift designations
How will you store my information?
- This form will populate a secure document on our Google Workspace drive (How Drive protects your privacy:,this%20info%20on%20your%20device.), which we will then import into our melio/quickbooks account for future payment access
Who will have access to this information?
- The White Rose Leadership Institute/Give Local York staff (Kate, Meagan, and our bookkeeper)

Further concerns about sharing your ACH info? Please read: Please be assured that this information will only be used to deposit funds into your account; never to withdrawal.
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